Locating value

from maps and data

Snowdrop Solutions is a team of location experts, dedicated to digital mapping.
Snowdrop helps organisations to maximise the value of Google Maps through service experiences that drive consumer adoption, user engagement and online transactions.

We have an outstanding track record of map successes - in multiple customers, sectors and territories.
Take a look at what we can do and, please contact us if you are also looking to succeed in locating value from maps and data.

Google Maps Platform

Leverage useful location data and insights by using Google Maps, the world-most-use mapping platform.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Snowdrop Solutions can offer specialised support and solutions for your business based on Google Maps Platform, to help maximise the value of your assets and data.


In order to make our customer’s journey a satisfying and productive one, Snowdrop relies upon a proven engagement model that combines your needs and requirements with our experienced workflow and best practices.


Geo-location of transactions, purchasers and merchants; user location information.


End to End Journey Planning,  Destination Guides & Route Maps, POIs / Places, Travel Time and more.


End to End Journey Planning, Asset Tracking and visualisations, Onboard Maps, and more.

Real Estate

Travel Time, Places of Interest, Draw your own search, Heatmaps and more.


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