Customer Success Representative

Starting October 2021

The Customer Success Representative (“CSR”) main objective is to implement a process that enables Snowdrop to retain customers and increase the lifetime value of its customers. The key activities that the CSR will undertake are:

Position overview

  • Manage renewal opportunities from existing customers including:
    • Forecasting for usage for next period of time
    • Putting together legal paperwork / order forms for renewals
    • Requesting purchase order (PO) and other payments associated with services
    • Updating our CRM (SugarCRM) with documentation for finance and other teams
  • Manage initial Technical Support questions from existing customers including:
    • Creation of Google Projects, enable APIs, create API Keys
    • Creation of Support tickets on behalf of customers
    • Navigate through the Google Cloud Console
  • Develop healthy customer relationships based on accurate, timely and regular communications and our ability to resolve and anticipate customer issues. For existing customers, this will involve monthly communications about billing and usage reports, key product updates as well working on a number of renewals.
  • Provide a level of customer onboarding, ongoing training and first level support questions around Snowdrop’s own products and services as well as Google Maps and some Google Cloud capabilities.
  • Occasionally assist the sales team to help win new clients with forecasting of licenses, etc.
  • Evaluates and analyses customer needs, including latent needs (eg. what the customer may not be aware of). This will include understanding the customer’s use cases (if applicable) as well as billing considerations and areas that the customer can optimise and benefit from our products and services.
  • Facilitate between Google and the customer. This may involve payment and billing issues (eg. forgiveness) as well as act as the customer’s advocate with Google’s technical and support teams.
  • Work collaboratively with the Snowdrop sales/account management and product teams to upsell new products and services such as:
    • Helping create account plans with the Snowdrop sales and product teams for key accounts
    • Share best practices internally and externally to further enhance the customer’s ROI and success around Snowdrop’s offering
    • Soliciting customer references when appropriate to promote Snowdrop’s expertise within the industry

The key metrics for this role will be

  • Customer retention rate: the number of existing customers that renew with Snowdrop
  • Gross margin: the amount of fees paid to Snowdrop on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Upsell rate: number of customers upsold additional products and services from Snowdrop. This may often be done as part of a team (eg. working with Snowdrop sales, Google field rep, exec engagement, etc.)
  • References: number of customer references provided for publication by Snowdrop

The CSR’s skills include

  • Customer-First Mindset (think long-term lifetime value)
  • Strong communication skills (email, video calls, occasional meetings face to face, etc.)
  • Relationship Management (working well with sales and Google teams, input account plans)
  • Industry Knowledge (ideally in a given sector, eg. FinTech, Travel, Property, etc.)
  • Problem Solving (technical support concerns, questions on billing, costs, etc.)
  • Empathy (helping understand true concerns and objections both internally and externally)
  • Active Listening (asking the right questions, being fully present)
  • Technical Skill (covering the first line of GMP and MRS API usage, questions, etc. Overtime some GCP expertise as well)
  • Time Management (focus on behind highly effective, assess Impact vs Effort)
  • Data Integration with Google Cloud Platform (data management area and billing)
  • Updating opportunities into our CRM on a regular basis

Organisational Alignment

  • Reports directly to Customer Success Manager (“CSM”)
  • Fosters close, cooperative relationships with sales team, finance and support personnel, including Customer Care and Insights analysts and product development team

Job requirements and Working Conditions

  • Few years experience working in a customer-facing role (ideally in the services or technology)
  • Work mainly from the Bath office
  • Travel to London and Spain will be necessary when required by the business
  • Hours of operation in accordance with Snowdrop UK business hours being 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday


  • This full time position will have a base and variable compensation structure of:
    • Base salary will be £24,000 per year plus
    • Variable compensation of up to £4,000 per year linked to Targets and KPIs
    • The On Target Earnings (OTE) will therefore be around £28,000 per year

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