• Connecting the dots with Nicola Dalmazzo

    Connecting the dots with Nicola Dalmazzo, from Google Maps Platform

    Nicola Dalmazzo, EMEA Head of Financial Services, discusses elevating digital banking experience with location-based and transaction enrichment services.

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  • Maps Routes API

    Google Maps announces Routes API

    Learn all about the new Routes API announced by Google Maps, which is an improved version of the existing Directions and Distance Matrix APIs.

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  • Customer Bank: What customers expect from their bank?

    What do Customers Expect from their Bank?

    User interactions with finances have evolved to demand more personalised, secure, and up-to-date services based on consumption habits.

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  • Precise location based services for a better consumer experience

    Creating Better User Experiences with Precise Location for Digital Banking

    Today, a seamless user experience is crucial for online transactions. Learn how location services boost user satisfaction for financial institutions.

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  • Sustainability in the UK

    In this article we navigate through the search trends related to sustainability, climate change, environment in the United Kingdom and show relevant facts about consumer behaviour around these topics.

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  • Why should a bank enrich transaction information

    Why should a bank enrich transaction information?

    Go beyond MCC codes for detailed transaction insights. Learn why data enrichment services are essential for an enhanced digital banking experience.

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  • The price of inaccuracy in digital banking

    The Value of Accuracy: The Significance of Precise Enriched Transaction Data

    Inaccurate data costs banks dearly—resulting in high admin expenses and customer losses in today's banking landscape.

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  • Partnering with Snowdrop

    Why Choose Snowdrop for Accurate Transaction Data Enrichment?

    Unravel messy transactions for clear insights. Elevate user experience and enhance payment services with this tailored article.

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  • Google Maps new features 2021

    Google Maps: These are some of the new features that you can implement

    Explore Google Maps' 2021 enhancements in our blog—unveiling new features, their functions, and practical implementation tips.

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  • Making 2022 a prosperous year of Financial Wellbeing with Transaction Data Enrichment

    As Chinese New Year approaches, new players in Southeast Asian banking offer attractive financial wellness and WealthTech solutions for 2022.

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  • Putting the focus on the customer experience

    Digital Payments: putting the focus on the Customer Experience

    We look at how payment has changed in recent years, what the trends are and what consumers are looking for.

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  • MRS: What it is and how it works

    What is ‘MRS’ and how enriched transactions benefit modern banking experiences.

    MRS, Snowdrop's core Fintech product, enriches bank transactions for an improved user experience, lower administrative costs, and greater clarity.

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