• Fintech Connect Asia '21

    Fintech Connect Asia ’21: Enrich transactions and location-based services for Fintechs

    Snowdrop featured a keynote Case Study at Fintech Connect Asia with our CEO, Ken Hart, Jolly Ahuja from Google Maps, and Braham Djidjelli from Hugo.

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  • MRS Transactions Blog

    Snowdrop’s MRS solution for FinTech processes over 6,000 transactions per second

    Snowdrop's core product, MRS achieved a milestone, processing 6,000 transactions per second with high accuracy over an hour.

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  • Geomob podcast

    Snowdrop Solutions’ CEO Ken Hart Joins Geomob Podcast with Ed Freyfogle

    Ken Hart discusses diverse strategies for integrating location-based services in products across industries with Ed Freyfogle on Geomob Podcast.

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  • Onigroup partners with Snowdrop Solutions

    OniGroup offers location-enrichment services to banks and FinTechs in APAC

    Snowdrop Solutions and OniGroup sign an agreement to offer location-enrichment services to banks and financial services firms in Asia-Pacific

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  • Google Maps Customer Care Benefits

    Customer Care Benefits: Optimise Your Google Maps License for Best Results

    Discover our Customer Care Package Benefits: Optimisation, Reporting, Analytics, and more, assisted by our Customer care experts.

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  • BigChange Customer Care

    BigChange CEO, Martin Port, on Successful Customer Care with Snowdrop Solutions

    Read our latest interview with Martin Port, CEO of BigChange, about their experience with our Customer Care team and services.

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  • Making Mobile Work

    Making Mobile Work

    In Elliot's previous article "How will we get more without Moore?", we discussed how Moore’s Law is no longer providing the regular exponential increase of processing power that we’ve grown accustomed to. Mobile devices cycles of power are an option but we must first need to look at the current state of mobile development.

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  • Travel industry on the ropes: Airport view

    The Travel Industry is on the ropes. Let us not pretend otherwise.

    We are living in days of uncertainty due to the advancing spread of Covid 19 around the world. Commercial activities have been totally stopped and the most affected sector is the travel industry. How will airlines, OTAs and more evolve? What to do during this crisis and when it passes? Shaun Hudson shares with us how he is seeing the situation from a travel industry expert's point of view.

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  • Italia Stand FITUR

    Exploring FITUR Madrid: The First Tourism Trade Fair of 2020

    Our Spain team showcased Location Intelligence solutions and connected with clients in Travel & Leisure and Transportation at FITUR Madrid.

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  • Ken Hart Alexey Anatskyi FIntech Connect

    Fintech Connect 2019: Snowdrop Solutions & Google Maps showcase MRS and Location Intelligence solutions

    In December 2019, we ended a wonderful year attending Fintech Connect London with the Google Maps Team. Snowdrop CEO Ken Hart, took the stage alongside Alexey Anatskiy, Google Maps Platform EMEA lead, to talk about customer experience and latest trends and mobile developments for FinTech.

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  • Google Maps Platform Introduces Places SDK for Android and iOS

    As your dedicated partner, we're here to provide guidance and support as you navigate through the intricacies of these new enhancements.

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  • Google Maps Platform introduces a suite of new enhancements to the Places API

    Customise your data retrieval from the Places API with insights from our customer care guide on optimising data calls.

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