Press releases

  • ecolytiq & Snowdrop partnership

    ecolytiq and Snowdrop partner for climate awareness and behavioral change in banking

    Visa Fintech Partner Connect members ecolytiq and Snowdrop integrate transaction enrichment and carbon footprint for climate awareness in banking.

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  • Nickel partners with Snowdrop Solutions

    Nickel teams up with Snowdrop Solutions to enhance user experience through the MRS API

    Nickel integrates Snowdrop Solutions' MRS API, offering customers insights into their spending habits in the financial sector.

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  • Hugo partners with Snowdrop Solutions

    Hugo to Enhance banking UX with transaction data enrichment powered by MRS API

    Snowdrop Solutions marks Hugo's launch, providing spending clarity for APAC customers with our Transaction Data Enrichment API.

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  • Wirex partnership with Snowdrop Solutions

    Wirex & Snowdrop Solutions launch location-enriched transaction services

    Wirex & Snowdrop today unveiled a range of in-app location-enriched services to show their users where payments take place.

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  • Onigroup partners with Snowdrop Solutions

    OniGroup offers location-enrichment services to banks and FinTechs in APAC

    Snowdrop Solutions and OniGroup sign an agreement to offer location-enrichment services to banks and financial services firms in Asia-Pacific

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  • Snowdrop Visa Asia Pacific

    Snowdrop Solutions expands its partnership with Visa in Asia Pacific, delivering location-enriched services to banks

    Snowdrop Solutions and Visa extend their Asia Pacific partnership, helping consumers better track their spending.

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  • Standard Chartered Singapore

    SCB collaborates with Snowdrop to enhance digital banking using Google Maps Platform

    Standard Chartered partners with Snowdrop Solutions to create interactive digital banking experiences using Google Maps Platform.

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  • Rebellion partners with Snowdrop Solutions

    Rebellion, Spain’s first neo-bank, enhances user experience with Google Maps and Snowdrop Solutions

    Rebellion Pay improves user experience by integrating Google Maps and Snowdrop Solutions' MRS for clear transaction visibility.

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  • Visa MRS

    Snowdrop Solutions and Visa collaborate to make customer spending statements clearer

    Visa's collaboration with European Banks enables customers to access real-time spending insights, even visualizing transaction locations on a map.

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  • Snowdrop helps Dozens users to visualise their spending habits

    Snowdrop Solutions and Dozens teamed up to improve consumer spending visualisation with Location Intelligence and Google Maps Platform.

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  • Monese Google Pay

    Monese enables Smart Transactions and Google Pay

    Monese now offers Google Pay and Smart Transactions, powered by Google Places, supported by Snowdrop as a Google Premium License reseller.

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