Future of Travel & Transport Summit with Google Maps France

Last March 28th Snowdrop Solutions developed the “Future of Travel & Transport Summit” event in collaboration with Google Maps, focused in the Transportation and Tourism industries. The event took place in Paris, at the Googleplex, where all guest were allocated in a conference room arranged for the event.

Several experts from Google and Snowdrop Solutions intervened during the morning. We also had the privilege of listening to the testimony of onefinestay, Google and Snowdrop’s customer, represented by Eduardo Aguilar Peláez.

Gilles Dawidowicz, Sales Manager at Google Maps France, and ceremonial master for the occasion, started the event welcoming all attendees and giving a summary speech about what the event was going to be about as well as guiding the guest through the agenda.

Latest trends for Transport and Tourism in France

Travel in France Google

Then Gilles gave the turn to Caroline Bouffault, Industry Head of Travel at Google France, who presented the graphs, figures and trends in these industries in France.

We note that France as a destination shows signs of recovering after a difficult year last 2016. The demand is growing in all countries.

This dynamic is particularly encouraging for Paris, which had suffered the biggest impact last year. It is noted that security has become a major concern for foreign travelers but the degree of resilience is very different according to nationalities.


of searches are related to how to get from “city A” to “city B”withouth a specific mode of transport (ie: Paris Lille)


of growth in 2016 on city-to-city roads


2300 +

new routes searched in 2016 compared to 2015


On the contrary, the domestic demand (demand inside the country) was particularly dynamic in 2016. Searches done on Google when looking for ground transport such as car sharing, bus or trains are growing. Also internet users, who are increasingly multimodal, are awaiting personalization.

Caroline then explained that the journey made by the user when booking its trip is long, sophisticated and increasingly mobile. As an example, one third of the searches related to “Far Away Sun” are currently done on smartphones. It will be half by the end of 2017.

Nevertheless, France is still catching up on mobile uses. 

It is also noted that the use of smartphones accelerates the fragmentation of uses. More sources are consulted online, including after purchasing and at the destination.

From the map to the "Location intelligence"

google maps apis

After some updated insights about the tourism trends in France, it was time to talk about Google Cloud’s geo-intelligence offering by Vincent Réveilhac, Head of Europe Customer Team at Google Maps, and Emilie Landois, Customer Engineer at Google Maps France.

Emilie gave us a detailed description of the Google Maps content and service offering (APIs) while Vincent enlightened us on the new uses and new possibilities available to companies with the latest Google innovations that increasingly combine geolocation, connected objects and artificial intelligence technologies.

Nowadays we are entering the ‘era of geo-prediction’.

Google Maps APIs and Snowdrop Solutions

snowdrop solutions france

Ken Hart, Principal at Snowdrop Solutions, and Jérôme Vigneron, Associate Director of Snowdrop Solutions France, illustrated these new uses, their impact and the benefits obtained through several outstanding achievements.

Ken Hart focused on B2C uses. He demonstrated how Google Maps APIs and Snowdrop’s methodology and developments can increase audience and increase the conversion rate on travel and transportation sites.

Jérôme Vigneron talked about some B2B usage cases, in particular the solution developed for Network Rail High Speed (NRHS)

A collaborative platform for consulting and analysing used daily by the engineering and technician teams in charge of the maintenance of the infrastructure.

Jerome Vigneron


Eduardo Aguilar Peláez, Product Manager for eCommerce & Mobile Apps, presented the offer of onefinestay. He then explained why Google Maps was chosen and how his team worked with Snowdrop Solutions to achieve the objectives: inspire visitors and improve their experience on the site by providing local and contextual information that would condition the choice of a destination and would also accelerate the decision making process.

Eduardo Aguilar Pelaez

After a Q&A session, Gilles closed the event.

Looking forward to the next opportunity to put together innovation, outstanding use cases and a enriching public. In the meantime we will keep you updated on Google Maps, Google Cloud and Snowdrop Solutions.

See you soon for new digital experiences!

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