Google releases Predictive Travel Time

This week Google Maps announced new product functionality for its API products – Predictive Travel Time.

Known at Google Maps as “PTT”, it will enable users to plan ahead of time to choose the best route and times based on Google’s historical analysis of road-traffic data.

What is PTT?


PTT is an enhancement to Google Maps API for Work Directions and Distance Matrices that returns estimated travel time based on the day of the week and the time of day (it’s primarily based on traffic, though public transport works as well). All current Google Maps API Directions and Distance Matrix customers can access this feature.

How is it being used?


A few initial usage scenarios are:

  • To let a consumer calculate when they need to leave home to get to that meeting in the city centre.
  • How far away from the office can they live to arrive at work at 9am on Mondays to Fridays?

The result is to create more intelligent, personalised services that keep consumers even more engaged on your website. Take a look at this quick video outlining its benefits:


Snowdrop is currently planning several PTT projects with customers under the Google Trusted Tester Programme.

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