Locating the Future of Fintech with Google Maps, TBA and Monese

Locating the Future of Fintech

On Tuesday 10th March, Snowdrop Solutions and Google hosted the Locating the Future of Fintech event at Google Offices in King’s Cross, St Pancras, London.

Various figures from the UK finance sector joined to hear the latest from The Behavioural Architects, Monese, Google Maps and Snowdrop Solutions.

The event was moderated by Thomas Ahonen, EMEA Marketing Manager, and with guest speakers such as Ed Boiling, Jamie Halliday, Camilla Cooper, Atul Choudrie, Sarah Holt, Freddie Villis and Tom Probert.

The presentations

The event kicked off with the presentation of Ed Boiling, Customer Engineer at Google Maps, who gave an introduction to the Platform with product information and Case Studies related to the Financial Services.

Next up, Jamie Halliday and Camilla Cooper, from The Behavioural Architects, shared their latest market study on user behaviour in relation to digital banking. Specifically, they talked to recent developments and new offerings in banking and how these change user behaviour in budgeting.

From MoneseAtul Choudrie and Sarah Holt, shared Monese’s beginnings and key objectives for the bank. Sarah shared examples of the technology used in Monese’s “Know Your Customer” strategy, as well as how Location Intelligence had positively contributed to onboarding new customers.

After a brief networking break, Freddie Villis and Tom Probert, from Snowdrop Solutions, took the stage to talk about “partnerships and challenges in Financial Services with Location Intelligence”.

Tom addressed how some banks today are still struggling with confusing transaction information on their bank statements. In this regard, he gave some notes on why this is still happening, as well as some guidelines on how to improve the user experience using Location Intelligence. Enriching transaction data has been an area of focus for Snowdrop as we continually improve our Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS).

In addition, Freddie covered some examples of the partnerships Snowdrop Solutions has brokered with companies in the financial sector and the factors that made these relationships a success.

Next steps

Attendees were then invited to stay and network on the Google rooftop lounge while enjoying food and drink. This was a perfect opportunity to get to know each other and see views across the city.

As next steps, Snowdrop Solutions will work closely with Google Maps Platform in organising other events related to Fintech.

If you were unable to attend and would like a debrief on the event, please drop an email to hello@snowdropsolutions.co.uk

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