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How will we get more without Moore?

For as long as personal computers have been around, they’ve been doubling in processing power every two years. How much longer will this hold true? And will the demise of Moore’s law mean a dearth of innovation? On the contrary, Elliot Long argues that we may be on the cusp of being able to make use of more computing power than ever before, if we just manage to think outside the (server) box.

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Vedicard event 2019: Payments Market Conference Riga

Vedicard – Payments Market Conference Riga 2019

On the 24th and 25th of October Freddie Villis, Account Lead for FinTech, attended the Vedicard Payments Market Conference in cooperation with European Payments Consulting Association(EPCA), in the city of Riga. This year was Snowdrop’s first time in attendance.

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Customer Care

Google Maps Platform: Places SDK

Last week Google Maps Platform launched upgraded Places SDKs for Android and iOS. As your trusted Google Maps Partner, we don’t want you to miss any of this information and we are happy to guide you through these upgrades.

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Customer Care

Google Maps Platform: Places API

Whether you are a Google Maps Platform customer already or a Premium  Plan Customer, you can customize and decide what data is retrieved from the Places API. Read this customer care guide to know how to optimize data calls.

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