Transaction Enrichment

  • Hanseatic Bank partnership Announcement

    Hanseatic Bank unveils a transparency function in its app with Visa and Snowdrop

    Hanseatic Bank collaborates with Snowdrop and Visa to launch a transparent banking app feature, offering customers enhanced transaction visibility.

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  • Merchant Logos: Before and after

    Building Customer Trust: The Role of Merchant Logos in Data Enrichment for Banking

    Logos are pivotal in modern branding, serving as a visual representation of a company's identity and crucial in transaction data enrichment for banks.

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  • BigPay & Snowdrop Solutions

    BigPay enhances transaction categorisation for spending analytics with Snowdrop

    Southeast Asian neobank boosts transaction categorisation abilities powered by Snowdrop Solutions' Enrichment API.

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  • Enriching transactions with categorisations: a must-have in digital banking

    Visualising consumer spending through categories is a must in digital banking. Learn about its benefits and implementation to enrich transaction data.

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  • Rebellion Sustainable

    Rebellion Pay introduces Sustainable tags to banking transactions

    Rebellion Pay becomes the first Spanish neobank to include sustainability information about the establishments where consumers make purchases.

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  • Enhanced version MRS

    New enhanced version of our transaction enrichment API released: Merchant Reconciliation System™

    At Snowdrop, we have released an enhanced version of our MRS API, which includes new data sets and is even faster to implement

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  • Ruuky transaction enrichment

    Ruuky integrates Snowdrop’s transaction data API to enhance Gen Z banking services

    German neobank Ruuky for Generation Z successfully implements Snowdrop Solutions' Enrichment API for enhanced purchase information.

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  • Customer Bank: What customers expect from their bank?

    What do Customers Expect from their Bank?

    User interactions with finances have evolved to demand more personalised, secure, and up-to-date services based on consumption habits.

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  • Precise location based services for a better consumer experience

    Creating Better User Experiences with Precise Location for Digital Banking

    Today, a seamless user experience is crucial for online transactions. Learn how location services boost user satisfaction for financial institutions.

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  • Bulder Bank Snowdrop

    Bulder Bank enhances user experience through data enrichment with Snowdrop

    Bulder Bank becomes Snowdrop's first Norwegian customer to integrate its Transaction Data Enrichment services.

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  • Cashplus Bank

    Cashplus Bank launches a crowdsourced payments tracking tool for SMEs, saving time

    Cashplus Bank launches a new feature powered by Snowdrop MRS that uses crowdsourced data to accurately track and categorise business spending.

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  • Kard and Snowdrop partnership

    Kard and Snowdrop collaborate to enhance the banking experience for French consumers

    French pocket money app Kard introduces location-enabled and data-enriched services for improved spending insights.

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