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'I am extremely impressed. Visa and Snowdrop came together to create a solution that is easy to implement and helped us deliver cost savings and empower our members'
Darren Mead
Banking App Product Owner

30% decrease in transaction query calls to customer service

Enhanced member experience

Increased member trust

Improve customer satisfaction

Integrating location-relevant and transaction enrichment services can increase customer satisfaction and app ratings by up to 30%

Lower administrative costs

Improving transparency in banking statements can reduce support channel volumes by up to 40%

Designed by engineers for engineers

MRS is designed to be simple, safe, scalable and easy to integrate

Delight your customers with easy to understand transaction information

The Snowdrop Merchant Reconciliation System, helps to make “messy” transaction data clear and easily understood. Our solution is designed to help Fintechs, Digital Banks and Traditional Banks to both provide a better user experience and to save on customer service costs.

Thinking on the consumer, it results in a better user experience from reduced anxiety around transactions. It also increases engagement with the customer application or website.

Merchant Reconciliation System ensue cost savings from reduced contacts with the customer service function as well as reduced chargebacks from unrecognised transactions. For banks with physical branches, reducing the number of customers visiting the branches has benefits in terms of both operating costs and wait times for customers.

Transaction Enrichment

Location and mapping

Powered by Google Maps, the most widely used platform worldwide.

Merchant logo and clean merchant name

So that the user can easily recognise where the purchase was made.

Contact details

The user can contact the merchant directly, thus reducing the cost of calling the customer service centre.


Using Google Places Details API, easily integrate other users' reviews of the merchant.


Show the categorisation of each expense, making it easier for the user to identify them.

Spending by merchant

Share with users the merchants where they shop most often.

Spending by area

Display the expenses according to the geographic area in which they took place. This allows the user to visualise where they tend to make the most purchases.

More functionalities

We can easily implement best practices around spendings and transactions for your business. Contact us to know more.

Transaction Enrichment

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Use Cases

Transaction Enrichment

Transaction enrichment is key to delivering transparency within the Financial Services industry. MRS's coverage is best in class with more than 86% coverage across 100 different regions.

Integration with support centers

MRS's enriched transactions are not limited to the consumer experience. This clarity can be integrated into call center workflows enabling your employees to more efficiently assist with customer queries.

Personal Finance Management Tools

The Merchant Reconciliation System API provides many different data points. These can be repurposed for a variety of different PFM tools such as aggregate location spend or aggregate merchant or category spend.

Data Analytics and Behavioural Insights

Hosted in the secure and scalable Google Cloud infrastructure, big data provided by MRS can be processed and analysed to provide different merchant, consumer and behavioural insights.

Customer Stories

Transaction Enrichment Hugo


Hugo chose to work with Snowdrop as a transaction enrichment provider to deliver an engaging user experience that provides convenience and clarity around card spending. Snowdrop’s API, Merchant Reconciliation System (MRS), has been easily integrated into Hugo’s digital platform.


Wirex has launched a range of location-enriched services to show their users where payments take place. In partnership with Snowdrop Solutions, the service removes the confusing information often found in a card transaction and replaces it with the merchant name, location and, where appropriate, associated brand.

Transaction Enrichment Wirex
Transaction Enrichment Rebellion


Rebellion Pay has taken a step forward to improve users’ purchase control by being the first in Spain to offer Google Maps “Location Intelligence”. Thanks to this functionality, the user will see a reduction in the uncertainty of transactions, by knowing all the data of the merchant, location, date and time and by providing a unique visual experience of their operations.

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#Whitepaper: 'The Significance of Location Intelligence and Transaction Enrichment for Financial Services'

In this paper we outline consumer demands for increasingly digital and transparent banking services and how data enrichment plays a key role in increasing user confidence and satisfaction.

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