Cloud & Services

Cloud & Services

Empower your data in the Cloud

 A wide range of leading edge capabilities for cloud computing, data analytics & machine learning that’s highly escalable. 

With Google Cloud Platform you can store, protect and control your datasets. You can also benefit from its consolidated pay per use billing method, no additional or upfront costs, and a world class customer support.

Migrate to the Cloud with full support and start building your apps in a cloud-native environment. 

Professional Services

Unlock the power of your data

Snowdrop has an experienced Professional Services team with over 20 Google Certifications including Professional Cloud Architects and Professional Data Engineers.

The professional services go beyond our regular Customer Care, often working deep into the nature of an application and how to get the best out of it. This may be in the areas of user interface, flow through toward an application objective, API selection and sequencing, deployment and scaling options, delivery of the business model. Snowdrop is particularly good with Data components.

Data Analytics

  • Big Query | Dataflow
  • Pub | Sub
  • Dataprep
  • Data Studio


  • Cloud SQL
  • Firestore
  • Memorystore

Feel free to contact us to work through your requirements and learn more about our engagement model.

Onboarding / Optimisation

Health - Check

Advanced Usage Reports


Billing & Reporting

We help you understand your data

Snowdrop routinely collects and analyses API usage data, and we can return insights into that data to inform ongoing operations.

We store all API related data from not only Google but our own systems, and offer views into that data along with recommendations and analysis.

The generation of usage reports that help individual responsibility centres to better visualise and manage their own application areas is a fundamental part of this – we can set up at the outset to focus on granular cost control or assist in moving to this model over time in the least disruptive way.

Cloud: Billing & Reporting

Cloud and Maps usage and reporting

Combined in one place

Monitor charges with budget alerts

Specialised usage reporting for each business

Where our customers consume many APIs, such as those from the Google Cloud or Maps platforms, we can consolidate the charging for individual responsibility centres and drive cost and usage information across all services consumed. Snowdrop also regularly runs ‘Early Warning’ reporting to help our customers to identify anomalies in usage or the identification of unexpected cost events. This use of information has saved our customers from cost overrun while giving re-assurance that the usage of any cloud capabilities can be seen and acted upon really quickly.

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