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MRS - Merchant Reconciliation System

What problem does it solve?

Delight your customers with easy to understand transaction information

The Snowdrop Merchant Reconciliation System, helps to make “messy” transaction data clear and easily understood. Our solution is designed to help Fintechs, Digital Banks and Traditional Banks to both provide a better user experience and to save on customer service costs.

Thinking on the consumer, it results in a better user experience from reduced anxiety around transactions. It also increase engagement with the customer application or website.

Merchant Reconciliation System ensue cost savings from reduced contacts with the customer service function as well as reduced chargebacks from unrecognised transactions. For banks with physical branches, reducing the number of customers visiting the branches has benefits in terms of both operating costs and wait times for customers.

MRS video example

Why is this important?


Reduced contact centre volumes

Reduced chargebacks

Improved customer satisfaction

MRS in practice

How does it work?
MRS Diagram
Transactions in banking

MRS in Action

Visa MRS

Snowdrop Solutions and Visa collaborate to make customer spending statements clearer​

MRS: Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered partners with Snowdrop Solutions to create interactive digital banking experiences using Google Maps Platform

Rebellion, first Spanish neo-bank to boost user experience with Google Maps and Snowdrop Solutions


Snowdrop helps Dozens users to visualise their spending habits

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