Transaction Enrichment

  • Boubyan Bank partners with Snowdrop Solutions

    Boubyan Bank Partners with Snowdrop for Enhanced Payment Experience

    Boubyan Bank sets a new standard in the Middle East by providing customers with clear and enriched transaction details.

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  • Evo Banco Press Release with Snowdrop Solutions

    Evo Banco to Enhance Customer Purchase Insights with Google Maps and AI

    EVO Banco now uses Snowdrop's MRS API, enhancing users' purchases with detailed info like logos, merchant names, categories, and locations.

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  • Hanseatic Bank: Elevating app user ratings to 4.6

    Explore how Hanseatic Bank implemented Snowdrop's Transaction Enrichment API to enhance new transparency functions in its banking app.

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  • Rocker enhances banking with Snowdrop for enriched transactions

    Learn how Rocker smoothly integrated MRS API into their platform, enhancing users' financial clarity and confidence in banking.

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  • Wirex: Reduction of up to 50% in transaction query calls

    Discover how Wirex integrated Snowdrop's Transaction Enrichment API to build a clear user experience with precise location data.

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  • Spending Insights Screenshots

    Navigating the Summer Holiday: Spending Insights and Transparent Banking

    Uncover how banks maximise transaction data enrichment for spending insights and seamless budget tracking in the summer holiday season.

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  • Nationwide: Decrease in transaction-related queries by 30%

    After seamlessly integrating Snowdrop's Transaction Enrichment API, Nationwide has achieved an impressive 30% reduction in query calls.

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  • iCard Press Release with Snowdrop

    iCard teams up with Snowdrop Solutions for Enhanced Transaction Enrichment

    iCard partners with Snowdrop Solutions to integrate location-enhanced data enrichment, elevating their banking app's user experience.

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  • Enriched Transactions: Webinar Takeaways

    Webinar Takeaways: The Power of Enriched Transactions

    Get insights from our recent webinar with Google Maps and Visa on enriched transactions in digital banking, benefitting both institutions and consumers.

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  • GoHenry Partnership Announcement

    Snowdrop Solutions and GoHenry collaborate to enhance transaction location capabilities

    GoHenry teams up with Snowdrop Solutions to improve transaction location features, offering precise tracking and monitoring capabilities.

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  • Transaction Data Enrichment_List View

    Transaction Data Enrichment: A Key Functionality for Banks in Today’s Market

    Transaction Data Enrichment is now vital for banks. Discover how to optimise and scale these services with Snowdrop's Enrichment API.

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  • Hanseatic Bank partnership Announcement

    Hanseatic Bank unveils a transparency function in its app with Visa and Snowdrop

    Hanseatic Bank collaborates with Snowdrop and Visa to launch a transparent banking app feature, offering customers enhanced transaction visibility.

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